Martian helicopter Ingenuity survived the winter and returns to work

(ORDO NEWS) — The Ingenuity spacecraft made a new flight on September 6th. Its success was extremely important for NASA, because it was preceded by two months of downtime and the threat of not turning on again.

Fortunately, the first full launch after the pause was successful. Before that, on August 30, he made a “jump” of 2 meters to shake off the dust from the blades.


– Ingenuity has not flown since June 11th.

– As part of a new stage of its Martian mission , the helicopter flew about 97 meters in 56 seconds.

– The flight took him to the remnants of a long-dry river delta that NASA’s Perseverance rover has been exploring for the past five months or so.

– No disruptions were seen, so Ingenuity can continue to perform tasks on Mars.

Interestingly, this device is not a full-fledged researcher, because it was created solely to test the very possibility of flying on the Red Planet, where the atmosphere near the surface is only about 1 percent of the earth’s in density.

Scientists counted on only five launches, but as a result, the device exceeded this plan many times without problems.

Recall that in February 2021, Ingenuity and Perseverance landed together inside the 45-kilometer wide Lake Lake crater, in which a river delta and a large lake were located billions of years ago.

Perseverance is looking for signs of old life on Mars and is collecting rock samples for a future return to Earth.

Ingenuity now takes on the role of scout, helping the Perseverance team choose the best travel routes and identify scientifically promising locations.


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