Mars may have been inhabited by hydrogen-eating microorganisms in ancient times

(ORDO NEWS) — Mars in ancient times was inhabited by microorganisms, which subsequently disappeared, because due to the absorption of hydrogen they lowered the temperature on the planet to fatal indicators for them.

The researchers studied the state of the Martian crust and suggested that 4 billion years ago, microbes could exist on the planet that absorbed hydrogen and produced methane.

They needed only a few centimeters of rock to protect themselves from powerful radiation.

“Similar microorganisms could be inhabited by any non-ice-covered area of ​​Mars,” Boris Soterey, one of the authors of the study, quoted the publication as saying.

But the absorption of hydrogen from the Martian atmosphere, according to scientists, resulted in a decrease in temperature on the planet by 200 degrees Celsius, which led to the death of all organisms that lived near the surface.

Earlier, researchers from the SETI Institute did not rule out that at first there could be water on Mars, and its atmosphere consisted mainly of hydrogen.


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