Mars, Curiosity, sol 3444-3445 Curious protruding ridges

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(ORDO NEWS) — Today’s plan is focused on the study of linear ridges that cross the local terrain. These raised ridges look like boxes with cut off lids that are mostly buried in local rock, and all we can see are the vertical edges of the boxes sticking out of the ground.

How these structures actually form is an active area of ​​research, and we hope the data we collect today will help us “think outside the box” and shed light on their origins.

The plan includes using the APXS and MAHLI instruments of the “Dun” target, ChemCam’s LIBS instrument to examine “Ceres” (the target is on Mars, not the dwarf planet!), and also make a photomosaic of the Gediz Vallis Ridge.

Will take a series of stereo images of the targets “Feorachas” and “Clavel”, as well as a photo mosaic of some of the old sand tracks from the rover to study the granular processes on the surface. Mastcam

and Navcam cameras will also make some dust plume observations, and of course DAN , REMS and RAD will make their standard observations.


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