Mars, Curiosity, Day 2763-2764: Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM) in preparation

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On Monday, the Mars Sample Analysis (SAM) tool crashed. This did not allow him to fulfill the “preconditions” for preparing the sample for analysis, but after studying the problem, the SAM team said that everything was in order.

So, we plan to repeat the preliminary preparation of SAM in the second half of 2763 days. After that, we will be able to analyze the sample taken from the Glasgow drill hole over the weekend.

While SAM is getting ready, other tools are busy: 2763 sols will start with snapshots of the Navcam camera and creating video recordings for dust vortices. The Navcam and Mastcam cameras will look to the sky to the north, to the edge of the crater.

The ChemCam instrument for determining the chemical and mineral composition of rocks and soils has two active observations, one for the bedrock called Ballagan and one for the veins called Karlin’s Tooth. Then the Mastcam will measure, looking at the Sun, for the amount of dust in the atmosphere.

On day 2764, we will repeat monitoring of the rover deck and take north-oriented shots using the Navcam and Mastcam, as well as a video from Navcam also north to watch the clouds.

The Mastcam will take pictures of two ChemCam targets from last day, and then take a few stereo mosaics. They will continue to expand the previous photo mosaic to capture more interesting fractures and features of bedrock. Finally, the Mastcam will repeat its observation of dust in the atmosphere.


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