Mars, Curiosity, 3453-3555 day Unique rock to explore

(ORDO NEWS) — We have a few more unique rocks that we would like to explore before we move away from this area and start our trip to Mount Sharp again.

Starting at Sol 3453, we will take out our instruments and do science with the APXS and MAHLI instruments on the “Rumblings” target, a rock with an interesting bumpy texture, and then move on to the “Delting” target, a flat area on the nearby rocks, first clearing the rock with the Dust Removal Tool (DRT).

The next day, a multispectral Mastcam photo survey of the Delting and Rambling targets will be taken, as well as a separate stereo mosaic photo of the Klo-Mor Cliff. ChemCam

camera observationsthe target “Rumblings” is again affected, which is well suited for comparison using different tools.

Finally, on Sol 3455, the rover will drive forward and then take some pictures at the stopover. During all these days, several sky and dust swirl shots will be taken, as well as line-of-sight shots using the Navcam camera.

One truly “radical” observation will be ChemCam ‘s passive sky observation , which is coordinated with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) orbiter.

The moment it flies over Gale Crater, it will record the water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere from orbit, and the rover will record it from the surface at the same time of day.


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