“Mars base entry” found on Google Mars map service

(ORDO NEWS) — While the United States is making grandiose plans for the colonization of Mars, and not only NASA, but also private companies, for example, SpaceX Elon Musk, are engaged in this, in reality, almost all sane scientists claim that humanity is not ready for such space projects.

Earthlings not only do not have high enough technology for manned flights to Mars, we do not even know what awaits us there. For example, ufologists and other independent space explorers are sure that intelligent life still exists on the Red Planet, and it can be represented as Martians hiding about adverse living conditions on the surface deep inside the planet (there is indirect evidence for this, for example, the recollections of some people about their past lives, in which they were Martians), and aliens, long allegedly based on Mars.

It is no accident that virtual archaeologists constantly find artifacts and objects that cannot be of natural origin in the images of this mysterious planet. Another such find was shared recently by Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring. And although many researchers are skeptical of this indefatigable online searcher-digger, we still propose to get acquainted with its new “discovery”:

And Scott discovered, no less and less, and the entrance was either into the underground (or rather, sub-mars) alien base , or into the underground world of the Martians. The entrance is simply huge – several kilometers across (see the coordinates themselves on the Google Mars map – 79 ° 26’47.94 “S 135 ° 26’51.84” E).

Moreover, the ufologist claims that he found this object on the maps of other similar applications – everywhere it is a rectangular hole that nature will never make. And therefore there can be no mistake – this is clearly the entrance. Another thing is that it is not yet clear where and by whom this passage was made.

If it’s even just an abandoned base, a virtual archaeologist goes even further in his reasoning, then it can very well be used in the future by earthlings, when we need to find the best places for basing when colonizing this planet.

Well, Waring’s assumptions are, as always, bold and almost fantastic, and the finds are surprisingly “sensational”. But we emphasize once again: its “discoveries” attract the attention of tens of thousands of supporters, and that’s something to say …


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