Market for electric vehicles is predicted to collapse

(ORDO NEWS) — VentureBeat called a full transition to electric vehicles impossible without reducing the cost of cars.

The abandonment of cars with an internal combustion engine is impossible without a technical revolution in the electric car segment. This is reported by VentureBeat.

According to media columnist and Conamix CEO Charlotte Hamilton, plans for a full transition to electric vehicles may not be feasible without modernizing the industry.

The specialist predicted the collapse of the electric car market if the leading companies do not invent new methods for the production of batteries and fail to reduce the cost of electric cars.

Hamilton noted that first of all, automakers should figure out how to abandon cobalt and nickel in the production of electric cars, as these materials are becoming scarce and very expensive.

According to the specialist, the California authorities intend to ban the sale of traditional cars by 2035, but in this case there will be a crisis, since there will not be enough batteries for all cars.

“To reduce the cost of the anode part of the battery, one could switch to alternative materials, such as lithium, or use silicon,” said Charlotte Hamilton.

The goal will be reached when a college graduate or small entrepreneur can afford a new electric vehicle , she said, whether for everyday use or business.


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