Marine geoarchaeologist studies the underwater past to save the earth’s future

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Beverly Goodman has always been interested in historical disasters – and made their study of her work.

Back in Beverly Elementary School, Goodman made several presentations on her favorite topic – disaster. She told her classmates about the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii, told them about the bubonic plague and the famous shipwrecks: she shared the story of the Titanic steamboat and the Lusitania liner.

Today, Beverly 45, she is a marine geoarchaeologist and is engaged in excavations on the coasts: studying erosion, tsunamis that happened in the past, and other disasters.

“Now I’m a disaster specialist. Everything has been going to this since childhood! ” Goodman laughs.

For a long time people have been building settlements near water sources. Beverly studies how coastal changes affected our ancestors. Did they have to leave the house? Did you manage to adapt to change? Beverly believes that this information will help us reasonably prepare for future coastal changes.

Together with a team of scientists, Goodman proved that over several thousand years tsunamis repeatedly covered the coast of modern Israel. Thanks to this study, in 2014, Israel developed its first “Tsunami Preparedness Plan”.

According to Beverly, today people use the coast like never before: the danger threatens many people. Beverly Goodman is confident that the clues of the past, which are hidden under water, will help save lives, especially in those places where no written information has been preserved.


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