Marching forest, geobrexit and other factors that influenced the development of our civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — How is the geology of the Earth related to human evolution? The answer to this question can be found in the book “Origin.

How the Earth Made Us” by PHD University College London, BSc Biology University of Oxford, Professor of Science Communication University of Westminster, astrobiologist, science journalist and science promoter Lewis Dartnell. We collected top 5 interesting facts from his new work.

Run, Forrest, run, or what does Shakespeare have to do with it?

Before people appeared in the northern regions of Eurasia, the forest came there. Like Birnam Wood in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the trees gradually spread northward.

With climate warming, seeds and young plants sprouted every year a little to the north. After the ice age, some tree species in Europe and Asia moved northward at 100 meters per year. The forest was followed by animals, and then by the ancestors of man, the hominids.

Who is the Earth according to the horoscope?

Our planet and its orbits change over time under the influence of the gravity of other planets in the solar system, especially the giant Jupiter.

So astrologers are right – they are just not right about what they think they are right about. The movement of the planets in the heavens does not determine the character and luck of a person, but their gravity affects the climate of the Earth, including the duration of ice ages.

Marching forest geobrexit and other factors that influenced the development of our civilization 2

Geo Brexit as a Key to Prosperity

Half a million years ago, Britain was not an island. It belonged to continental Europe and was connected to France by a land bridge between modern Dover and Calais.

At some point, the isthmus between England and France eroded, and communication was interrupted. The resulting channel served as a natural protective moat. Britain is located next to Europe, can trade and cooperate with countries on the continent, but thanks to the geobrexit, it takes a detached position and always respects its own interests.

Tiktoker influencer eats what farmer eats 10,000 ago

Our evolution was largely determined by the desertification of East Africa, as well as the cooling and drying up of the planet as a whole.

The new conditions became favorable for the spread of plants, which we later cultivated and fed throughout our history. Virtually all the plants we eat today belong to one of the eight angiosperm families that humans started cultivating 10,000 years ago.

Marching forest geobrexit and other factors that influenced the development of our civilization 3

How an ancient sea divided the US into Democrats and Republicans

If you look at a map of the United States, which shows states that traditionally vote Democratic in elections, you can see a chain of counties that curves through North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and then down along the banks of the Mississippi River.

And there are geological reasons for this. The once ancient sea brought fertile black silt to these places, on which cotton was subsequently grown. For a long time, dark-skinned slaves brought from Africa worked on the plantations, and then, after the abolition of slavery, they continued to work in the fields as free workers.

And today, almost all US counties with the largest proportion of African American populations are located along the same arc in the southeast of the country. And it was these areas that became the epicenter of the struggle of blacks for their rights. Accordingly, the local population overwhelmingly votes for the Democrats.


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