Marble head of the first emperor of the Roman Empire found in Italy

(ORDO NEWS) — A marble sculpture of Augustus Caesar was found by archaeologists in central Italy. Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire, so this find is a very valuable artifact. Only the head remained of the sculpture, even the nose was not preserved. The find was found during restoration work in Isernia.

Reported by ANSA.

Although archaeologists have already found many busts from the time of Augustus, this find is of great value. She confirms the presence of the Romans in the colony of Isernia. Previously, this place was strategically important. The city was a kind of gateway to Italy itself.

The emperor’s head is perfectly preserved. It was not difficult to establish the identity. Because August’s signature dovetail hairstyle was no longer worn by any of the emperors. Also, the historical descriptions of the emperor that have survived to this day coincide with the facial features, the shape of the ears at the found part of the statue.

The exact date of its manufacture is still unknown. They have just begun to carry out various examinations to find out more about the find. Historians claim that in appearance it resembles a marble statue from Prim Port dating from 20 BC.

The head was found after the collapse of one of the city walls. The find will be exhibited at the Santa Maria delle Monache Museum.


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