Maori visited Antarctica a thousand years earlier than Europeans

(ORDO NEWS) — The officially confirmed discovery of Antarctica took place in 1820. It belongs to Russian scientists. In 1821, the Americans made the first landing in Antarctica. But New Zealand scientists have an assumption that the indigenous people of New Zealand visited Antarctica before Europeans and Americans. This is reported by Science Alert.

Ecological biologist Priscila Veha with a group of scientists studied oral histories, all kinds of documentation, and materials that were ever published in different publications.

They found that the mainland of Antarctica and New Zealand were connected by sea expeditions as early as the 7th century. Then the Polynesian leader Huai Te Rangiora and his fellow tribesmen on their journey first saw the southernmost continent. This was 1000 years before the expedition of Russian scientists.

The only problem is that the stories of the Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) are not actually documented. These are folk stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Maori to this day are closely associated with the southernmost mainland. Even today, they are actively involved in programs to explore this continent.


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