Many states no longer exist: the World Map of 1922 hit the Net

(ORDO NEWS) — One Reddit user posted a 1922 world map to the Web. As it turned out, some states have ceased to exist today. Users were surprised at how many changes have taken place in the world in literally 100 years.

Some users noted the fact that there is an Indian empire on the map. Currently, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are located in the empire. Others added that Persia was celebrated instead of Iran, and Jordan did not yet exist. Other states that exist today had different names. For example, Hawaii was called the Sandwich Islands. This name was given to them by the explorer from England, James Cook.

After a detailed study of the map, many users noted that over the past hundred years, the territories of various states have also changed. Another part of the countries at the moment either ceased to exist completely, or changed their status. Nobody has ever heard of some states, since they were rarely mentioned even in historical sources.

After the publication of the map, more information appeared about them. The map gathered a huge amount of comments. Many users expressed their surprise and the fact that they did not know much, although only a century had passed.

This map will allow you to learn more about how the world used to look and how exactly the territories were divided between different states. The amazing fact is that in such a short period of time there have been a huge number of changes that have led to the modern world order and the distribution of territories.


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