Man who survived clinical death spoke about the other world

(ORDO NEWS) — The man spoke about his personal experience of life after death. He added that he saw Jesus Christ in the afterlife, reports the Near Death Experience Foundation (NDERF).

The man introduced himself as Dan. He proves to everyone that he has fairly clear memories of how he met the Savior after he had a heart attack. Such an incredible event happened in 2009. The man was taken to the hospital, and after first aid was provided, the doctors issued a statement about his clinical death. After Dan suffered a heart attack, he was transported to the underworld, where he waited for his turn to go to heaven.

After the man came to his senses, he immediately began to talk about what awaited him on the other side. He turned to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation and told them his story. Dan added that all the time that he was in a state of clinical death, he felt complete freedom, incredible love for everything and peace. He saw Jesus standing in front of him and talking to some other person.

This man was not a Christian and then, a similar opportunity at that moment was provided to him by the Savior. Dan also said that he had absolutely no desire to go back, but soon woke up again in a hospital room.

A man with a near-death experience remembers many details. At the same time, experts note that this could not have occurred under the influence of drugs and therefore, most likely, Dan really visited the gates of Paradise.


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