Man who survived a shark attack talks about his feelings

(ORDO NEWS) — A California swimmer managed to survive after being attacked by a great white shark. Many also call it a man-eating shark, because a huge number of attacks have been recorded over the entire time. The man shared information about what happened and what exactly he felt at that moment.

It is reported by the NBC Bay Area.

It all happened on June 26 in the morning on the Gray Whale Cove beach. The victim’s name is Nemanja Spasoevich. The man was attacked by a white shark, which reached about one and a half meters in length. She dug into his right leg. Rescuers sent him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Spasoevich said that the shark did not make any attempts to bite off part of his leg or completely deprive him of a limb. According to him, she “bit gently” enough, and then immediately released her leg. The man added that it felt like a mosquito bite, but when he turned around and saw the gaze of this terrible predator, his heart almost stopped.

Spasoevich got ashore and only then noticed numerous puncture wounds on his leg, which remained from the incredibly sharp teeth of a great white shark. Rescuers quickly arrived at the beach and took the man to the hospital.

David Ebert, who has been studying sharks for many years, added that the dangerous predator attacked by accident. She could have mistaken a swimmer for a small seal. People are not on their menu, but attacks do occur from time to time. The reason for this most often is that sharks simply confuse humans with some kind of animal that may be in their diet.


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