Man was afraid of the coronavirus and lost 25 kilograms

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the American city of Plymouth, Massachusetts, lost 25 kilograms during the strict isolation regime introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic and shared the secret of his success. It is reported by the Plymouth Herald.

32-year-old Shaun Sandell weighed 121 kilograms and had a body mass index of 37.8. After he saw numerous news articles stating that being overweight can lead to complications if you get infected with coronavirus, he realized that now is the best time to take care of your health.

In addition, Sandell, who has two children aged one and four years old, loves to go to Florida for the weekend with his family and did not want to have to limit himself when traveling due to being overweight.

During weight loss, the American enlisted the help of his wife, who is a qualified nutritionist. He did not join the popular weight loss programs and decided to get rid of excess weight on his own.

“I set a goal to walk every day. I walked from 11 to 14 kilometers, pushing a stroller with a youngest child. I started to run and ran eight kilometers a day,” said Sandell.

In addition, he completely changed his diet and abandoned the chips and potatoes that he used to eat during each meal, and also limited his consumption of bread to one or two slices per week.

“13 weeks have passed since the beginning of quarantine, and now I weigh 95 kilograms.

During this time, I lost 25 kilograms, ”he said. The man is incredibly proud of his achievements and grateful to his wife for his help. Now his body mass index is 29.8.

“I feel great not only physically, but also psychologically. I am more focused and think clearer. I began to practice golf more regularly: now it’s easier for me to play, and it brings more pleasure,” said Sandell.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the US state of Florida, weighing more than 200 kilograms, revealed the secret of losing weight without sports. He excluded beef, pork and carbohydrates from his diet and lost 177 kilograms in a few months, and then he underwent gastric bypass surgery.


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