Man walked along the beach and found a brain wrapped in foil

(ORDO NEWS) — A man named Jimmy Senda stumbled upon a highly suspicious package that contained what looks like a human brain. The organ was wrapped in paper with Chinese characters and foil.

The incident took place at Samuel Myers Beach Park in Racine, Wisconson (USA). Jimmy is a local creative: he sculpts from beach debris, so he often strolls along the coastline.

Trash searches for sculptures begin in the morning. One day, a man saw a strange square-shaped bag wrapped in a pink rubber band. The American hesitated for a while, but still opened the package. The man, it is worth noting, did not immediately find the similarity of the find with the human brain. Initially, he thought there was a chicken carcass inside. After a while, Jimmy became aware.

Interestingly, someone wrapped the brain first in paper with Chinese characters and flower patterns, and then in foil. Several police officers approached Jimmy while looking at the find. They also noted that the object is similar to a human brain, so it needs to be taken for a forensic examination.

The American is glad that it was he who found the human organ, not the children. Now the find is being studied, the results will be known later. Maybe the subject will turn out to be something else. Netizens like Jimmy see the find exclusively as a human brain.


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