Man tried to hide a stolen horse in his bedroom

(ORDO NEWS) — In Oconee County, South Carolina (USA), a very strange incident occurred. Harry Chase Coble Jr. was arrested by the police for stealing a horse and then trying to hide it in the bedroom of his house. The animal, whose name is JuBli, was not injured as a result and was returned to its owner as quickly as possible.

Reported by Unilad.

Neighbors noticed on August 9, how Harry moves on horseback, and then turns home. At the same time, he did not leave the animal on the street, but began to bring it directly into the house. They began to suspect that Harry had stolen the horse and tried to hide it, so they immediately went to the police.

 After arriving, the law enforcement agencies called the man’s father and he replied that his son should not be at home at that time.

After that, Harry’s father still came home and opened the door. Manure was found right in front of the entrance to the living room, while the animal was in the bedroom. In the report, one of the police officers wrote that he saw a beautiful full-size horse right in the middle of the room.

Jubli’s horse behaved quite calmly and did not try to escape anywhere. As a result of this strange incident, she was not injured and has no injuries on her body. It is worth noting that the approximate cost of this horse reaches 6.5 thousand dollars. Coble was charged with stealing livestock. 

At the same time, Harry had already been wanted for some other crimes, including theft or penetration of private property.


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