Man taught a computer to do his job, and now he is resting, receiving $ 90,000 a year

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(ORDO NEWS) — Troubles are forgotten, running is stopped. Robots work, not humans.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to switch to remote work. They bought new computers and laptops, had to equip the workplace and put up with the fact that it is often noisy at home, and not everyone has a separate room.

Moreover, if dozens of eyes are watching you in the office, including those belonging to the captious management, then at home there are dozens of temptations, from watching movies and TV shows to computer games. It is not surprising that labor productivity is falling, which means that the efficiency of each individual worker is also falling.

In films, we are often told about the future, where smart AI does all the work for people. It should be noted that the first timid attempts to implement such a technology are already being successfully carried out. For example, for some time, instead of the head of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, the presentation was carried out by his digital copy.

A similar step was taken by South Korean presidential candidate Yun Suk-Yol, who trained AI in the form of a digital avatar. Since all this is still a distant future, some users are wondering how to take smart technologies and make them work for them here and now. Looks like one of the law firm’s laziest employees succeeded.

Reportedly, the person hiding under the nickname Throwaway59724 uses a script that performs the full amount of work for him. According to the user, it is known that his duties include studying the data of court sessions, which must be uploaded to the cloud and systematized in such a way that they become available to any interested parties.

The work is monotonous and monotonous, so at some point Throwaway59724 decided to try to transfer it to the computer. As it turned out, writing a suitable script is not so difficult. As a result, today the user spends only 10 minutes at the workplace, checking the correctness of the tasks performed by the program.

Throwaway59724 noted that for some time he felt a strong sense of guilt. He believed that he was deceiving his superiors, but at some point he realized that he was completing all the tasks on time, without violating any of the existing laws.

As a result, this brought him relief and now Throwaway59724 simply receives a salary of 6,710,000 rubles a year and has no remorse. The user stated that he was working on his own project, often playing computer games and watching TV. In a word, he does everything that all normal people dream about.

Throwaway59724 said that the program is a simple script, so it has no value for the community. It is only suitable for specific activities, so most people still have to do the work themselves.


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