Man swam with stingrays in the Atlantic Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of Florida, living near the Atlantic Ocean, have not been able to enjoy their favorite leisure since March – swimming in cool water and sunbathing. Fortunately, quarantine measures were relaxed, and some citizens immediately rushed to swim. They were accompanied by a whole flock of stingrays.

ABC News July 10 warned vacationers about large stingrays swimming near the coast. But, apparently, everyone is absolutely indifferent: stingrays don’t care about people, but people don’t care about stingrays. Creatures can be stunned with an electrical discharge, but in most cases they are peaceful, so a person, subject to simple rules of behavior, has nothing to fear.

Several large specimens came to a stop near a man who strongly resembled Hellboy in his red skin. He also attracted the attention of many netizens and TV viewers: the stranger even became the hero of a news story.

The man made some people nervous: people advised him to use sunscreen next time, otherwise you can not only suffer from burns, but also provoke serious illnesses.

Some users decided to create memes, comparing a bathing person with spicy food or an employee in the underworld. Some people remembered Hellboy, a fictional character from hell who appeared to fight various creatures. The person in the video, according to people, could also cope with a couple of stingrays.

Of course, everything said in the direction of a man is a joke, the purpose of which was not to somehow affect a person’s feelings or offend him. On the other hand, the man woke up famous, if not for the whole world, then half for sure.


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