Man survived clinical death and spoke about what he saw

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(ORDO NEWS) — Kevin Hill of Derby, England claims he has risen from the dead and has denied rumors that others have seen a great white light leading to the other side.

A 55-year-old man was diagnosed with calciphylaxis, a serious, unusual disorder in which calcium builds up in small blood vessels in fat and skin tissues.

The dead skin ate into healthy skin, causing the man to lose more than two liters of blood and his heart to stop. Medics promptly started resuscitation.

Kevin Hill revealed that he found himself next to his own body in what he calls the “peaceful realm of the spirit.”

He said, “I didn’t look down at my body, but I was separated from my body.

It was like I was in the spirit realm – I was aware of what was going on, but I had so much peace.”

He claims to have seen the medics trying to save him.

“I knew I was bleeding, I knew it was serious, but the staff tried to stop the bleeding.

I knew that I had died and that I was separated from my body.”

And then he just “fell asleep” and regained consciousness.

The strange experience made Kevin reconsider his whole life.

He explained, “I am in the final stages of recovery.

My right leg still hurts a little, but it’s not as bad as it used to be – I could cry for hours.

My pain level used to be 100 out of 10, but now it’s down to four. Everyone said I shouldn’t have survived.”


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