Man suffered a clinical death and proposed to his beloved

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the British city of Prestatin proposed to his beloved before a heart transplant operation, which could have ended in his death. This is reported by the Daily Record.

Brooklyn Pickman had a congenital heart defect: two major blood vessels directed blood in the wrong direction. The day after his birth, he required two surgeries, and at the age of 20 he suffered a stroke.

It happened during another heart valve operation. Surgical intervention was unsuccessful, and clinical death occurred. The man died for 17 minutes, and when he was resuscitated, he fell into a coma.

Doctors warned Pickman’s relatives that there was little hope of a favorable outcome. Despite this, he came out of a coma. After that, the specialists recommended him an urgent heart transplant.

Before the transplant, the man decided to propose to his beloved Ellie Spencer.

“When it turned out that I needed a new heart, I told Ellie that we had better get engaged in case my new heart didn’t love her,” Pickman recalls. The girl agreed.

“I think it calmed him down,” Spencer says. He was worried before such a close encounter with death.

I wanted him to go for the transplant knowing how much I love him.”

The operation was canceled twice. The first time it happened four hours before the start, when Pickman had already had a chest incision.

The second time she was interrupted already in the operating room, as the donor organ turned out to be unsuitable. In the end, the man was successfully operated on. Contrary to fears, the new heart did not hurt his relationship with his bride.

“It turned out that it loves her as much as the old one,” he says.

Earlier it was reported that in Scotland, a man who learned about a fatal diagnosis made a marriage proposal to his beloved on the eve of Christmas. For three weeks, the lovers organized a wedding ceremony, which took place at the Celtic Park football stadium.


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