Man spends too much forage fish to produce salmon. This will lead to a food crisis.

(ORDO NEWS) — The problem of overfishing has long existed in the world. Many species are farmed. Often this is not only a less useful fish, but also this method is not at all environmentally friendly.

You probably didn’t even think that in order to eat salmon, you first need to feed it with our own food!

Salmon is mainly farmed. The irony is that usually fish are fed smaller species that a person could eat himself.

As part of a study by the University of Cambridge, UK, scientists analyzed data from 2014 salmon farms in Scotland. The scientists wanted to compare the volume of wild-caught forage fish with the volume of farmed salmon.

It was found that in 2014, 460,000 tons of forage fish were caught in the wild to feed just 179,000 tons of salmon! In addition, 76% of wild-caught fish were species commonly eaten by humans, such as anchovies and sardines.

On a global scale, this means that if people were to eat wild-caught fish currently used as salmon feed, nearly 3.6 million tons of fish that are currently harvested could be left in the sea each year.

The authors of the study note that this salmon farming tactic is putting pressure on the world’s fish stocks, which are already at their breaking point.

“Our results suggest that limiting the amount of wild-caught fish used for salmon feed production can reduce pressure on stocks while increasing the supply of nutritious wild fish for human consumption,” the scientists write.


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