Man ‘returning from hell’ tells what sinners are punished

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The story happened to one man named Zhao Tai during the reign of the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). The story came to us through a collection of Buddhist stories.

At some point, Zhao felt severe pain and immediately lost consciousness. The man’s body remained warm, so loved ones waited for him to wake up. This happened only 10 days later. After “returning”, Zhao told what happened to him.

Immediately after losing consciousness, a horseman arrived at the man. Two escorts led the resident to the east, where the big city was located. There were thousands of people who, together with the hero of history, descended to the underworld. A man in a dark red robe asked what kind of sins he had committed. Zhao replied that his father and brother were officials, that he studied at home, did nothing and did not commit crimes.

The man was assigned to command the prisoners in hell. Some went with punctured tongues, others hugged red-hot iron, and still others cooked in cauldrons in parts. If a person died during trials, they brought him back to life. All punishments corresponded to crimes.

When the criminal coped with everything, the turn of rebirth came. Killers and thieves became pigs and sheep, which the owners eventually put on meat; people who led a decent life turned into birds and animals; those who did not repay their debts during life turned to horses and donkeys for hard work.

In order not to go to hell, a person must constantly improve and not commit evil deeds. In the underworld, they knew that Zhou was allotted another 30 years, so they released him into the human world.


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