Man returned the found check for millions of euros and was rewarded with marmalade

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Germany, a man found a check for millions of euros and was rewarded with six packs of marmalade.

A resident of Frankfurt, Germany, found and returned a check from Haribo for 4.6 million euros and was rewarded with six packages of marmalade.

Anuar G., 38, noticed the check while waiting for a train to go to his mother. The man was amazed when he drew attention to the amount indicated on the check: 4.6 million euros.

“It was such a huge amount that I could not even pronounce it,” he stressed.

It turned out that the check was signed by representatives of the Rewe supermarket chain, but someone dropped it at the station. Anuar contacted Haribo and reported the strange find.

He was referred to lawyers, who advised him to destroy the check and send photographs as evidence.

The man complied with their request and received a parcel from the company in the mail, which contained six packs of marmalade. Such a reward seemed to the man not too generous.

“I think it’s a bit small,” he said.

A spokesman for Haribo said the man was sent a standard set of marmalade, which the company usually sends out as a token of gratitude.

“Because it was a personal check, no one other than our company was able to cash it,” a Haribo spokesperson explained.

The company has an annual income of 350 million dollars.


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