Man lives in perfect harmony with 8 wives

(ORDO NEWS) — Ong Dam Sorot works as a tattoo artist and has gathered a real harem around him. How to be a happy polygamist shared a man from Thailand. He has 8 wives and complete harmony in the family.

Secrets of the Soron Family

He met his first wife at the wedding of his friend. The couple soon got married. Very little time passed between his first and second weddings.

The reason for the second marriage was a new love. Ong Dam says that he behaved like a real gentleman, namely: he honestly confessed his feelings to his wife.

The woman appreciated such a gesture and approved the second marriage, but on one condition. He was supposed to bring a “potential bride” to their home for an introduction.

He did just that. As a result, the women became friends, and the wedding took place. And then it happened 6 more times. The Thai met new spouses on social networks, in the temple, and even during a family vacation.

All women get along with each other, which makes the polygamist very happy. They live in a small house for such a family.

The wives took 4 rooms for themselves, two in each. The first wife has already given birth to a child, two more are in position. They live honestly, according to the schedule.

The Thai devotes the same time, affection and care to everyone. This is the secret of their happiness, the man is sure.

There are no freeloaders in the Sorot family. Everyone works and gets paid. Wives sell jewelry that they create themselves. Therefore, no one depends on the husband. The union rests only on love and respect.

And Sorot says that he does not forcibly detain anyone. If someone wants to leave him, he will calmly give a divorce. In Thailand, for this, a man must ask his wife three times if she wants to part with him. After her three yes the woman is free.


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