Man is sure that he photographed the troll in the swamp

(ORDO NEWS) — This story and photo was recently sent to American mystery creature researcher Lon Strickler. The author claims that he managed to photograph the “river troll”.

ÔÇťAbout 6 years ago (in 2015) my family and I lived in our houseboat on a river in a small town on the Mississippi coast (a river in the USA).

One evening we were on the veranda and gazing at the surrounding area. The tide was at low tide and you could see the riverbank and the forest well. And we saw how something, which was about 25 meters away from us, leaned near the water, as if it was about to drink.

I went and took my binoculars and took a closer look at this creature. It was pinkish-brown in color with bulging eyes, funny ears, two arms and two legs, and horns that seemed to stick out of its head.

It had a short, round body and drank water from the shore. From what I saw, I could swear it looked like a troll. And he was damn ugly.

Then I took out my phone and took this picture. Until now, everyone I showed it to calls this creature a river troll.

man is sure that he photographed the troll in the swamp 2 1

Also, while living on a houseboat, you can see a lot of creepy things in the swamp. For example, there were always trees or logs across the ditches at our driveway in the middle of the swamp, as if something had placed them there to navigate through deep sections.

And you couldn’t walk back and forth without that eerie feeling of being watched. And it wasn’t just me. Anyone I’ve met here has felt it.

Here also one could hear strange sounds, similar to the screams of monkeys, and one day something threw a stone and hit my friend right.

I still own this house and other houseboats, but none of my grown children go there anymore. And I don’t show this photo to other people anymore. I don’t have to prove anything, but I decided to share it with you.

man is sure that he photographed the troll in the swamp 3 1

I feel that maybe I’m lucky that I’ve been in contact with a few strange beings in this world. And with some even twice. Yes, the creature looks blurry in this photo and, yes, it’s hard to see, but you can clearly see its reflection in the water.”


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