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Man finds car buried 30 years ago in his garden

Man finds car buried 30 years ago in his garden

(ORDO NEWS) — Landscape designers were working in the garden on the territory of a private house in the American city of Atherton, California, and accidentally found a car buried 30 years ago.

A homeowner in the US city of Atherton, California, decided to carry out landscaping work in the backyard of his home. The man was shocked when he discovered that the car was completely buried in the yard.

The police arrived at the place of discovery with search dogs, as, presumably, the car could have been buried in the course of the crime. The dogs indicated the possible presence of human remains, although no remains were found during search operations.

According to police, the car was buried in the 1990s at a depth of one and a half meters and could have belonged to the previous owner of the house. The current owner moved into this building later.

The name of the owner of the car was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. The police notified the crime lab staff of the find and dispatched technicians to help carry out the excavation.

Local residents said that their city has always been considered peaceful and calm.

“It’s all very strange, but it’s interesting to watch what is happening. I want to know how it all ends,” said one of the local residents.


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