Man fell for a crucian carp with human teeth

(ORDO NEWS) — American fisherman Paul Laure was shocked by his catch. A crucian carp with teeth that very much resembled human teeth fell on his bait.

The man carefully examined the catch and when he discovered an incomprehensible anomaly, he immediately took photographs.

They clearly show that the fish has a huge number of teeth, which in their appearance resemble human ones. When the fish was examined better, it turned out that its teeth grow like a shark in several rows.

The color of the caught fish is exactly the same as that of a zebra – there are black and white stripes.

At the same time, the fish has a fairly fleshy and compact body. The fisherman added that this is one of the most unusual fish that he came across for all time.

As it was found out, the fisherman caught a Cape Cod crucian carp. In the region of the Persian Gulf and on the Atlantic coast of the United States, such fish are extremely rare. Paul Lore talked about why crucian carp has such a jaw. Crucians use their jaw to break the shells they feed on.

Fish can weigh up to 9 kg, so many fishermen try to get it as a trophy.


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