Man after a shark attack got an appointment with a gynecologist

(ORDO NEWS) — The story took place with Chad Barker, a resident of Decatur, Illinois. He survived the attack of two huge sharks (2.5 m each). Chad was carried away to the predators by the undercurrent. He was attacked by two mustachioed nurse sharks.

Diver collided head to head with a four meter shark

Nurse sharks have a calm disposition. But scientists say that these predators are very hot-tempered, especially during the mating season and while hunting. The fact that a man was able to fight back and go ashore is incredible!

Predators gnawed at the American’s hand. He still managed to pull the limb out of the shark’s jaws and go ashore. Chad says he was very afraid to look at the hand. It had lacerations that urgently needed to be sewn up. It became especially scary when it turned out that there was no hospital nearby.

Then Chad decided to approach the solution of the problem outside the box. He urgently made an appointment with a free gynecologist. The doctor sutured the wounds for $ 200. After the injury, the American decided not to go home, but took his leave. Alcohol helped to cope with pain in the arm.

Upon arrival home, the pain did not subside, the temperature rose. Chad Barker went to the hospital. There they diagnosed an infection that got into the wounds. He underwent an operation: the stitches were removed, the wounds were cleaned and they were sewn up. Also, the American expects a course of antibiotics and rehabilitation. He will remember this vacation forever.


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