Man abducted by aliens and forced to have sex with an alien

(ORDO NEWS) — A very creepy story took place in 1994. According to the story of Meng Zhao Guo, a resident of China, he was abducted by unknown beings and forced to have sexual contact with an alien. As a result, the man had a hybrid child.

The alien was three meters tall and had six fingers on each limb. The Chinese man also noticed his legs, which were very hairy.

The story of this abduction was first described in a book by the American traveler Michael Meyer, who arrived in Manchuria (a region in the northeast of the Middle Kingdom) in 2003 and heard an amazing story from local residents. Meng did not hide anything after the incident, so many people know his story.

In 1994, Meng was a poor man and worked as a lumberjack. One working day, he saw flickering lights in the sky, and then – a metallic sheen near the mountain peaks nearby. The man decided that the helicopter had fallen, so he wanted to scout the territory. When the Chinese man crossed the valley, something hit him sharply in the forehead. Meng woke up already at home in bed.

It seemed to be over, but no. An unknown force lifted the man up. The man raised his head up and instead of the ceiling of the house he saw an alien creature. Copulation with this creature took place in the air for 40 minutes.

The levitation incident repeated itself a month later. Then the man was already in the spaceship. He was informed in broken Chinese that in 60 years he would have a hybrid child on another planet.

Strange things happened when the Chinese were 29 years old and had a wife and daughter. The man was never fond of UFOs, so it is not known why the aliens chose him. A lie detector test was organized: Meng, as it turned out, was not lying.

Today, a man has grown significantly financially thanks to the help of those who are not indifferent. He and his family are doing well.


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