Mammals eating dinosaurs for 160 million years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — On one of the dinosaur fossils, scientists have found bite marks from a mammal.

Fossils were found in Northwest China back in 2000. Their age is about 160 million years and they belong to the Jurassic period. Bite marks were found on a 20-meter long fragment of a sauropod bone. And the early mammal, which scientists established, ate the meat of a giant animal, looked like a modern shrew. We are not talking about predators hunting dinosaurs. Most likely, the small mammal ate an already deceased dinosaur.

That is, the theory that mammals at the time of the dinosaurs were in their shadows and reached very small sizes remains unchanged. They weighed about 100 grams until the dinosaurs began to disappear due to the fall of a giant asteroid 66 million years ago.

Earlier evidence that mammals ate dinosaurs date back about 100 million years ago. Therefore, this discovery shifts the time frame by as much as 60 million years.


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