Male patient with Covid-19 claims to have visited the afterlife

(ORDO NEWS) — A man named Li revealed what he thinks the afterlife is like. After a serious fight against Covid-19, Lee said he was rushed to the hospital. While there, he developed new breathing problems and was on the verge of death.

The man said that two doctors from the emergency department tried to inject some kind of medicine through an IV into each arm. He understood that his every breath could be his last.

Lee then found himself floating above a beautiful forest. He did not feel pain and moved very slowly. He described the place in which the man was, not only as unfamiliar, but also very strange. He saw an incredibly beautiful and dense forest, and in the distance he could see the calm sea or even the ocean. After what happened, Lee is sure that after death, life does not end.

Experts, in turn, believe that such visions are the norm, because the brain is scanned, which is looking for ways to survive. Sam Parnia says that people describe a feeling of light that attracts to themselves and he also believes that such a phenomenon is a completely normal physiological process.


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