Makeup makes men’s faces more masculine

(ORDO NEWS) — Usually, when we talk about using makeup to enhance our attractiveness, we think of women. However, a new study proves that cosmetics will also be useful for men who want to make a good impression on others.

The fact that the presence of makeup increases the attractiveness of women’s faces (and not only for men, but also for other women) is known to both scientists and ordinary people. But so far, no study has been devoted to the effect of makeup on male attractiveness.

Although the use of concealers and powders is still considered “unmanly”, the market for men’s cosmetics is constantly growing. Men who take care of their appearance and strive to please others are not ashamed to visit expensive salons and spend a lot of money on high-quality cosmetics.

To study the effect of cosmetics on how men’s faces are perceived by others, researchers from Franklin and Marshall College (USA) photographed 20 men before and after they were treated by a professional makeup artist. The make-up was made light so that it was not noticeable.

After that, 200 people rated the attractiveness of the submitted photos, and both men and women found the faces with makeup to be more pleasing to the eye.

At the same time, which is significant, light makeup only made faces more “masculine”: in addition to smooth skin without visible problems, it gave a more defined look to the chin and cheekbones and toned redness of the lips, which is usually perceived as a sign of “femininity”.

Makeup makes mens faces more masculine 2
Examples of photographs used in the study: on the left – without makeup, on the right – with makeup

Many male celebrities wear light makeup and don’t see it as shameful. Now, perhaps, men’s cosmetics will become even more popular, because the desire to please others is the same for both sexes.


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