Main habits that accelerate aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Genetics greatly affects how a person looks at different ages. But this is not the only thing that will depend on the appearance.

For example, many people have a strong influence on their own that they age prematurely and have unkempt facial skin covered with many wrinkles.

Many regularly buy expensive anti-aging cosmetics, supplements, diets, but this does not bring the desired result.

The aging process does not stop and seems to only intensify. This is influenced by the actions that people perform almost daily.

Aging is provoked by the use of large amounts of sugar. Experts note that collagen and elastin are needed to maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

When a person begins to consume too many sweets, sodas, and commercial juices, the sugar immediately binds to the amino acids present in collagen and provokes serious cell damage.

Alcohol is bad for the skin. Alcohol leads to the fact that dehydration occurs, an inflammatory process begins to develop throughout the body. It, in turn, can be manifested by redness, broken capillaries, swelling.

Quality sleep plays an important role in youth. It is during sleep that the body and its systems are restored, so if a person sleeps little, these processes remain incomplete.

Numerous studies have shown that women with quality sleep look much better, because skin repair is 30% more effective than those who sleep little.

Smoking is considered a very bad habit. It can lead to the development of lung cancer or provoke an embolism of blood vessels. Smoking also leads to many other serious diseases.

It could be high blood pressure or even diabetes. Due to harmful substances in cigarettes, blood circulation is disturbed, the body does not receive enough oxygen, which immediately affects the smoker’s face.

Stress is considered extremely harmful to health and appearance. It can shorten telomeres, which contain genetic information.

This, in turn, leads to early aging and increases several times the risk of developing dangerous pathologies of a chronic nature.


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