Magnificent reconstruction of a Stone Age woman

(ORDO NEWS) — During the construction of a road in the village of Lagmansoren (Sweden) in 1923, workers discovered the skeletons of a woman and her child (they were buried together).

For a long time, the remains of these people were kept in the storerooms of the museum, until two years ago, forensic expert Oscar Nilsson received an order to reconstruct the appearance of a woman for an upcoming exhibition.

The expert spent 350 hours creating a realistic model. According to Oscar Nilsson, the woman died between the ages of 20 and 30, and at 150 centimeters tall, “she was not a very tall person,” even for the Neolithic period. The remains of a woman and a child date back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Nilsson began the reconstruction by scanning the woman’s skull and making a copy using a 3D printer. Nilsson studied the remains, establishing the approximate age, weight and ethnicity of an ancient person – factors that can affect the thickness of facial tissues and the general appearance of a person.

But because the woman’s DNA was too degraded, the expert was not sure of her genetic background, hair or eye color.

Magnificent reconstruction of a Stone Age woman

So Nilsson made an educated guess about her appearance. Ancient Scandinavia was swept by three great waves of migration: during the first between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers with dark skin and blue eyes arrived; the second wave included pale-skinned, dark-haired, and brown-eyed farmers from the south who moved north about 5,000 to 4,000 years ago.

While this woman was alive; the third wave, about 3,500 years ago, included people from the Yamnaya culture who had slightly darker skin than the cultivators and brought with them the art of metalworking. Based on this information, Nilsson gave the woman brown hair and brown eyes, as well as fair skin, like a farmer.


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