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Magnetic storms in September 2022 – a complete list of dangerous dates

Magnetic storms in September 2022 a complete list of dangerous dates

Magnetic storms in September 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — In September 2022, according to experts’ forecasts, several magnetic storms will occur, which will differ among themselves in the degree of intensity. Two geomagnetic storms will be strong.

There will also be two events of medium and low intensity. Regardless of the strength of a magnetic storm, you should be prepared for it, because even slight fluctuations in the magnetic field can negatively affect your well-being.

Solar storms are coronal mass ejections, as well as flares on the surface of our star, which cause a large amount of energy to disperse from the Sun in different directions.

When the flow of solar particles is directed towards the Earth, they collide with the magnetosphere, then geomagnetic activity begins to occur.

The activity of the Sun will affect the degree of intensity of the magnetic storm. Weak events in most cases remain unnoticed, and only weather-sensitive people can feel the effect on themselves in such a case.

More powerful geomagnetic storms can affect the well-being of all people. If the storm is too intense, it can lead to failure of electrical devices.

In September, there will be several magnetic storms that will affect the planet for several days:

A very strong geomagnetic storm will occur on September 3-6
A weak storm will occur on September 10 
September 13-15 – a phenomenon with an average intensity indicator
September 16-17 – weak geomagnetic storm
September 22-25 – average intensity indicator
September 26 – a rather powerful magnetic storm

During magnetic storms, there may be deterioration of well-being and headache. Many people experience lethargy, dizziness, drowsiness, begin to break bones.

It becomes difficult to control one’s emotional state, which manifests itself in the form of aggression, depression, irritability.

It is extremely difficult to concentrate on work. In addition, problems with the cardiovascular system may arise, chronic diseases often worsen.

Geomagnetic storms require a reduction in physical as well as psycho-emotional stress. It is advisable to sleep more, be in the fresh air and watch your diet.

It is best to give up coffee, alcohol and tobacco products, at least for the time being. A contrast shower, a trip to the pool, tea with the addition of herbs will have a very good effect on the body.

If there are any chronic diseases, special medicines should always be at hand.


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