Magnetic storms in November 2022 – a calendar of dangerous dates

(ORDO NEWS) — Weakness and malaise are often perceived as signs of illness, but in weather-dependent people, they can occur due to the influence of the Sun on the Earth’s magnetic field.

On such days it is difficult to maintain efficiency: a person becomes irritable and feels chronic fatigue. To stay productive and prepare for a downturn, you need to study the magnetic storm calendar.

On some days it is better to give up physical activity and choose the best time for fruitful work.

Next month there will be a lot of magnetic storms, so blows to the well-being of weather-dependent people will occur with enviable regularity.

Magnetic storm schedule for November 2022

– November 6-8 : you can do your usual work, but you should pay special attention to your body. You should take a day off to spend this time with your relatives or devote these days to rest

– November 11 : a storm of medium intensity falls on this date. Weather-dependent people should prepare for deterioration of well-being, irritability, and loss of strength. On this day, old injuries will make themselves known

– November 14-15 : a strong magnetic storm that will affect almost all people. At this time, it is better to refuse physical exercises and excessive activity.

It is better to avoid appearing in places with large crowds of people, because you can catch a cold or another virus. As a preventive measure, you should drink a lot of water, work less and rest more

– November 16-18 : another period of solar activity on the Earth’s magnetic field. Weather dependent people are overly emotional, sensitive and irritable. Yoga or meditation will help to cope with these problems

– November 25-28 : another storm, which will be accompanied by increased drowsiness. You should not rely on coffee and energy drinks, so as not to harm the heart and blood vessels.

It is also advisable to take a day off on November 29. Problems with sleep and control over aggression will appear again. Migraines and nausea are possible.

Experts recommend listening to your body and not working too much. This will allow you to maintain maximum productivity.


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