Magnetic storms in June 2020: when will they be and how to defend themselves

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In June 2020 there will be no frequent shocks, however, some medium and large magnetic storms will still happen. In total, several blows will occur.

The first geomagnetic storm will occur on June 8. Only weather-dependent people will feel it, they will feel malaise and decreased performance. The second “wave” is expected on June 9, this day will be stressful for many people.

Experts advise to prepare the necessary medicines in advance if there are chronic diseases (their exacerbation is possible).

It will be difficult for people to survive only the first decade of June, and even not all of it. Most of the inhabitants of the planet have nothing to fear, since the effect of magnetic storms, if it manifests itself, is only in the form of a deterioration in mood. Perhaps a depressive and stressful state.

Scientists and doctors note that often during a geomagnetic disturbance the vegetative system suffers. In the body, the internal balance is disturbed, the organs cease to work harmoniously.

As a result, the tone of the vessels worsens, the heartbeat becomes more frequent. All organs and systems of the body suffer from this, in particular the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and hormonal systems.

Experts recommend temporarily abandoning heavy physical exertion of any kind. Possible symptoms of geomagnetic disturbance: chest pain, feeling of suffocation, periodic opacification in the eyes, dizziness, brittle joints, mood swings.

Since emotional health is not up to par, try not to quarrel with family and friends. In any annoying situation, restrain yourself. If you have elderly relatives, do not leave them yourself, as they are especially susceptible to natural shocks.

For a time of magnetic storms, take more walks in the fresh air, give up alcohol and junk food, and keep a first-aid kit on hand.


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