Magnetic storms in January 2021: when to wait and how to survive

(ORDO NEWS) — Magnetic storms cannot be seen, but they can be felt. Meteo Sensitive people note a deterioration in health, headaches and depression. Experts told when to expect the January phenomena.

Three magnetic storms are expected in the first month of the new year, which will last for a while. The first blow will be at the beginning of January – the 1st-9th. A serious flash will occur on the luminary. Many will feel the impact of space weather.

An average storm is expected on January 12-18. It will cause mood swings and increased emotionality. These days will not be the best for business meetings.

The last meteorological strike will take place on 24-31 days. The intensity of the magnetic vibrations is average. Experts advise getting more rest and giving up physical activity.

To survive the negative impact, it is worth walking more in the fresh air and adjusting the diet. To maintain mental health, spend time alone with yourself, if possible. The most important thing is full sleep, which sets the mood for the whole day. You need to sleep at least 8 hours.


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