Magic bowls with ancient spells found in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, the police, together with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), conducted a raid in the city of Ramat Shlomo and confiscated a rich hoard of ancient artifacts from smugglers. The most remarkable of them were ancient bowls originating from the territory of Iraq.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the collection of ancient valuables was stored in an apartment that the smugglers adapted as a warehouse. During the raid, the police seized hundreds of old coins, many ancient weapons and utensils.

However, the most noticeable in the discovered collection were three “magic” bowls, which, according to experts, were delivered from the territory of modern Iraq. They are dated to the 5th-7th centuries AD.

Similar objects are known to archaeologists, they are called spell bowls. They were believed to have magical properties. Inside these bowls, ancient spells are engraved on the walls.

In this case, the texts were written in Hebrew and Babylonian-Aramaic. Scientists have already established that these spells were used to fight curses, scare away demons and diseases. As a rule, such bowls were placed under the floor of almost every house.

“The texts were written by artists for each specific client, according to their personal needs,” says Amir Ganor, head of the IAA’s Robbery Prevention Division. the bowl was supposed to “drive away”.

The angels Michael and Raphael are also mentioned there, and a quote is given: “The Lord will protect you from all evil.

On the other bowl, the text is engraved for Yeshua, the son of Perahia, who lived in the Mishnah. The spell is designed to help him divorce his wife and expel destructive demons from his home.

The third cup depicts a female demon belonging to Ahai Bar Marganita (literally translated as “my brother, son of the Pearl”). This is a common name of that era. By the way, according to Ganor, after the outbreak of the war in Iraq in 2003, thousands of “magic” spell bowls began to enter the “black market”.


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