Maduro warned of Trump’s reckless steps in Venezuela

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sent a letter to leaders of countries asking them to support the country’s leadership amid accusations by the US Department of Justice that the Latin American leadership was involved in drug trafficking.

The US Department of Justice previously released accusations against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and 14 other leaders of the country, claiming that they were involved in drug trafficking.

The Department of State has announced a $ 15 million reward for Maduro. Attorney General William Barr recalled that the United States did not consider Maduro the president of Venezuela and compared him to the former leader of Panama, Manuel Noriega , whom the Americans overthrew in 1989 as a result of a military invasion after similar drug trafficking allegations.

“In the face of such serious circumstances, I ask for your invaluable support in this unthinkable and arbitrary persecution, carried out through an updated version of the obsolete McCarthyism unleashed after the Second World War. Then they arbitrarily called their opponents Communists to persecute them, today they do it through arbitrary categories of terrorists or drug dealers, without any evidence for this, “said the message of Maduro, which is at the disposal of RIA.

In a letter dated March 29, Maduro talks about the operation launched in Colombia to attempt his life, as well as his relatives and dignitaries of the country. The letter also refers to an attack on civilian and military targets in Venezuela. Maduro writes that on March 24 it became known about an operation on a highway north of Colombia, near the border with Venezuela, during which the police of this country detained a batch of military weapons in a civilian car.

“Investigations have shown that it was a modern arsenal of weapons that was sent to a group of Venezuelan and Colombian former military and paramilitary forces who are trained in camps located in Colombia,” Maduro writes.

He emphasized that retired Venezuelan Armed Forces General Cleaver Alcalá made a statement to the Colombian media, in which he confirmed his participation in these events, recognizing himself as the military leader of the operation and revealing that the weapon was purchased by order of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Alcala explained that the weapons were purchased under a contract signed by him personally, Guaido, US advisers and political adviser to the President of Colombia.

“In response to this recognition, the U.S. government’s unthinkable response was the publication of allegations by the Venezuelan leadership of the drug trade, with the extravagant inclusion of Mr. Alcalá’s name as if he were part of the Venezuelan authorities and not a mercenary hired by the United States to carry out a terrorist operation against the government Venezuela: As evidence of this statement, all I have to do is mention the alleged detention of Mr. Alcalá by the Colombian security forces and his immediate th transmission to the Office of the US Drug Enforcement ” said in a letter to the Venezuelan president.


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