Made in China: China is building a replica of the Titanic

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese theme park will create and install a replica of the Titanic ship on its territory. Unlike the original, he never sets sail. This facility will entertain tourists and park guests on land. A ship is being built in one of the provinces in southwestern China.

Reported by the South China Morning Post

The fate of a real ship is tragic and cruel. He sank on his maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. Then more than 1,500 people died on board. However, the predecessors of the Titanic also sank.

Already, four heavy-duty cranes and hundreds of workers are working in the dry dock by the river in Suenying. Even with modern technology, the project is very difficult to translate into reality. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a ship the size of an aircraft carrier.

Su Shaojun, director of Titanicland Park, is confident that such a specimen will attract the attention of millions of tourists every year. The project requires 1.2 billion euros. Construction work is planned to be completed in 6 years, which is twice as fast as the original ship was built.

The plans of the engineers are really grandiose. For example, the ship will be powered by a real steam engine. The length of the copy, like the original, is 260 meters. Doorknobs, stair railings, furniture – everything will be exactly like on a sunken ship.

Moreover, for only 256 euros it will be possible to spend the night in one of the cabins.


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