Luxurious Roman Villa discovered in France

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(ORDO NEWS) — In France, specialists from the Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap) carried out rescue excavations in Amiens. As a result, they unearthed the ruins of a huge villa dating from the Halo-Roman period.

A summary of the study is published on the Inrap website. Part of the ancient villa was discovered back in 2017. Since this site was allocated by the authorities for residential development, it was decided to preliminarily examine it.

As a result, archaeologists have unearthed an unusually large villa. Such large structures of the Halo-Roman period have not yet been found in the Amiens region. Preliminary analysis showed that the villa occupied an area of ​​three hectares. The length of the courtyard alone in it was at least 260 meters.

The excavations continued from 2019 to the present day, they were interrupted due to restrictions imposed due to the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection.

New data confirmed the first conclusions made five years ago. The study of the ruins made it possible to date the villa to the Halo-Roman period. It is established that it was built at the beginning of the 1st century AD.

Apparently, the villa was built in stages and consisted of a number of small and large buildings. Probably, this place was originally an agricultural farm, which was abandoned after the construction of the villa began. The latter, judging by its huge size and some of the items found, was luxurious for those times.

From the aforementioned central courtyard, two wings of the building diverged in both directions. Only part of the villa was inhabited. The scientists also found traces of two access roads that led to this object from the north and southwest.

It is noteworthy that both roads had a hard surface – they were paved with stone, and both converged in the courtyard. This fact also indicates that the owner of the villa could be a very important person.


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