Lunar calendar for November 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — Lunar calendar for November this year, which will indicate the current lunar day, the phases of the moon for the whole month, and how lunar days affect a person, his behavior. Lunar horoscope for planning affairs with daily recommendations and advice – favorable days.

November 6. 20:17 – the beginning of the 22nd lunar day. Waning Moon in Cancer. Great day of action. Take a day to develop your talents. Get involved in creativity, demonstrate its results to others, for example, by posting photographs on the Web.

… 21:28 – the beginning of the 23rd lunar day. Waning Moon in Cancer and Leo. Auspicious day. Put aside all serious money-related matters. Do something that is not anxiety-provoking. A chance meeting with a person you have not seen for a long time is possible.

November 8. 22:49 – the beginning of the 24th lunar day. Waning Moon in Leo. Unfavorable day. It’s not worth bragging and sharing plans – you will provoke envy and hear tons of criticism. It is better not to start new business. Be careful with everything about money.

November 9. 24th lunar day. Waning Moon in Leo and Virgo. Auspicious day. The craving for all kinds of entertainment will increase. Have a get-together with friends, visit an entertainment establishment, but be restrained – do not leave all your savings there.

10th of November. 00:15 – the beginning of the 25th lunar day. Waning Moon in Virgo. Great day of action. It is great to conduct banking operations, start moving, go on a business trip. They will please with success in studies, self-development. Go to bed on time.

11th of November. 01:43 – the beginning of the 26th lunar day. Waning Moon in Virgo and Libra. Unfavorable day. Avoid stressful situations – they can provoke a deterioration in well-being. Refrain from vigorous activity in all areas of life. It is good to meditate.

November 12. 03:14 – the beginning of the 27th lunar day. Waning Moon in Libra. Great day of action. The effort will be worth it. It will turn out whatever you plan. Return to the tasks that you could not complete earlier, today you will surely be successful.

the 13th of November. 04:46 – the beginning of the 28th lunar day. Waning Moon in Libra and Scorpio. Auspicious day. The right time to clean up the house. Get rid of old, unnecessary things – you will feel better immediately. Guests are welcome in the evening.

November 14th. 06:21 – the beginning of the 29th lunar day. Waning Moon in Scorpio. Unfavorable day. Little energy, changeable mood, possibly exacerbation of an old ailment. Spend the day calmly, away from stress and bustle. Eat a balanced diet.

15th of November. 07:58 – the beginning of the 30th; 08:09 – the beginning of the 1st lunar day. New Moon in Scorpio and Sagittarius. Supermoon. Unfavorable day. Ineffective day – don’t plan a lot of things, focus on one or two. Communication will take away strength – you will feel much better in solitude.

November 16. 09:33 – the beginning of the 2nd lunar day. The growing moon in Sagittarius. Auspicious day. By being stingy today, you will close your access to great benefits. Be generous to yourself and to those around you. A good time to start your diet.

November 17. 11:01 – the beginning of the 3rd lunar day. The growing moon in Sagittarius and Capricorn. Great day of action. It is surprisingly easy to solve bureaucratic issues. Good luck in travel and travel. By thinking outside the box, you will overcome any obstacle.

November 18th. 12:13 – the beginning of the 4th lunar day. The growing moon in Capricorn. Unfavorable day. The likelihood of meeting someone’s aggression or behaving aggressively increases. The conflicts of today will have lasting consequences.

November 19th. 13:06 – the beginning of the 5th lunar day. The growing moon in Capricorn and Aquarius. Auspicious day. A great day for dating. A friendship, romantic or business relationship that you start today will be long, lasting, and will bring you a lot of joy.

20 November. 13:42 – the beginning of the 6th lunar day. Growing Moon in Aquarius. Unfavorable day. Your enemy is your own indecision. Because of it, you may miss out on the unique opportunities that open before you. By overcoming doubts, you will achieve your goal.

November 21. 14:06 – the beginning of the 7th lunar day. Growing Moon in Aquarius. Auspicious day. The most successful day of the month! Several reasons will appear at once for joy and pride in yourself and your family members. Listen to your intuition – it will not deceive.

November 22. 14:24 – the beginning of the 8th lunar day. The growing moon in Aquarius and Pisces. Unfavorable day. Do things that do not require a high concentration of attention: it is not easy to concentrate, you are in dreams. Being in illusion will create problems.

November 23rd. 14:37 – the beginning of the 9th lunar day. The growing moon in Pisces. Unfavorable day. Finding a common language with partners and colleagues will not be easy. Old cases may suddenly pop up and demand your attention. We’ll have to quickly change plans.

November 24. 14:48 – the beginning of the 10th lunar day. The growing moon in Pisces and Aries. Unfavorable day. Do not believe those who promise mountains of gold in exchange for a “small favor”. Be wary of business proposals, double-check any information.

November 25. 14:58 – the beginning of the 11th lunar day. The growing moon in Aries. Auspicious day. Creativity classes will give you special pleasure. A romantic date will give a lot of positive emotions. Intimate contacts will be passionate.

November 26. 15:08 – the beginning of the 12th lunar day. The growing moon in Aries. Auspicious day. You can accidentally blurt out important information or say too much, which you regret later – keep your mouth shut! It’s good to go on a long journey today.

November 27. 15:19 – the beginning of the 13th lunar day. The growing moon in Aries and Taurus. Unfavorable day. There is a possibility of disagreement with those with whom you have to communicate on duty. It is good to devote a day to charity, to distribute unnecessary things to those in need.

November 28. 15:31 – the beginning of the 14th lunar day. The growing moon in Taurus. Auspicious day. By acting wisely, you can build your credibility today. Probably receiving news, because of which it will be necessary to adjust plans for the near future.

29th of November. 15:47 – the beginning of the 15th lunar day. The growing moon in Taurus. Great day of action. A great day for all sorts of undertakings. Come up with initiatives, defend your point of view, take part in discussions. They will hear you and agree with you.

November 30th. 16:07 – the beginning of the 16th lunar day. Full Moon in Taurus and Gemini. Unfavorable day. It is tempting to spend large sums of money on entertainment. Resist the temptation! It’s better not to take on long-term projects. Postpone important business.


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