LunaH-Map will go to the Moon with Artemis I

(ORDO NEWS) — The Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper ((LunaH-Map) mission is one of NASA’s smallest planetary science missions, but it is of great value to science.

Previous missions and studies have revealed the presence of water ice at the lunar poles. However, it still remains unanswered the question is how much ice is in the permanently dark regions.

It is also not known how much water ice can remain at depth in the illuminated regions of the lunar South

Pole.LunaH-Map will answer these questions by entering a lunar orbit and creating a neutron map that will show where and how much water ice is hidden at the South Pole of the Moon.

LunaH-Map will help us learn the history of the origin of water on the Moon and determine how water has been redistributed since the formation of the Moon.

These maps will also be used to plan future missions and select landing sites for robotic and human-made water ice exploration.


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