Lucky man won the lottery three times and received 230 thousand dollars

(ORDO NEWS) — Lucky North Carolina resident Gregg Hensley won the lottery three times and became rich. It is reported by UPI.

In total, over two years, a 63-year-old man won 230 thousand dollars (almost 19 million rubles). On April 11, he won the top prize of $200,000 in the Multiply the Cash lottery, up from $10,000 earlier this year. He received another $20,000 in 2020.

Hensley admitted that he was so surprised by the third victory that he was speechless. Instead of telling his wife about the money, he silently showed her the phone with a message about the win.

“With so many people participating in the draws, it’s hard to imagine that there is actually a chance to win,” he wonders.
According to Hensley, he wants to use the money received to buy a new car and renovate the house.

Earlier it was reported that in the United States a woman won 50 thousand dollars (about four million rubles) on a lottery ticket.

She said she received the winning ticket as a gift from her husband, who wanted to cheer her up after a week of bad luck at work.


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