Love for a special kind of cheese helped police arrest a drug dealer

(ORDO NEWS) — More recently, a ridiculous situation has occurred with a dangerous British criminal. Carl Stewart (a drug dealer from Liverpool) fell into the hands of the police for a piece of cheese. The drug dealer was identified and found from a photo that he posted in one scandalous messenger. 

This is reported by Techcult.

There was very little information in the photo the police saw. A man holds a piece of sealed cheese in his palm. Only three fingers and the desire to show off the purchase gave away the drug dealer. In the modern world, this turned out to be more than enough to catch Karl Stewart.

The Encrochat messenger is the favorite chat of many organized crime groups. In 2016, Encrochat caught the attention of the police. Then there was a wave of detentions of many dangerous gangsters. A spokesman for the UK police said that more than 60 thousand people talked in this chat.

Karl Stewart also actively communicated with other drug dealers there. He posted a very high quality photo of the cheese in the chat. The police were able to take fingerprints from the picture and identify the perpetrator. The arrest was carried out by the Merseyside County Police.

The detainee was accused of drug trafficking. Carl Stewart was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment by the court. Also at the end of 2020, another mafioso was caught. He was wanted and caught for blogging on Youtube. Then the mafiosi were identified by the tattoos on their arms.


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