Looking into the future from the past how our world was seen a hundred years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Futurologists, as well as scientists 100 years ago, imagined the world at the beginning of the XXI century as very original. They depicted flying people, cars with glass and ships on the railway.

At the beginning of the last century, technical progress has become more rapid. And then everyone who could try to look into the future and imagine what the world will be like in 100 years. Mostly in the publications one could see those innovations that already existed, but they were noticeably improved.

The most interesting for futurists was the sphere of air transportation. In 1903, the Wright brothers made their first plane flight. In this case, an aircraft with an engine was used. A huge number of people were interested in the possibility of traveling with the help of aircraft, but at the same time, a military bias can be noticed in fantasies.

In 1915, Scientific American magazine repeatedly made publications that spoke of stealth planes that would suddenly appear in the air and destroy the enemy. But not all fantasies were about war. For example, some scientists believed that at the beginning of the 21st century, everyone would have their own flying device.

In 1918, The Washington Times published a publication stating that people would come up with a car equipped with everything they needed to live. The authors of some other magazines, in turn, said that the cars will look like waterproof capsules.

Some dreams about the future said that people would live longer, at the beginning of the 21st century there would be no mosquitoes and cockroaches, and special means would be invented for washing dishes that could completely destroy all microbes.


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