Looking forward to ninja turtles? Green slime spotted in Toronto sewers

(ORDO NEWS) — In the city of Toronto (Canada), on Gerrard Street, an asphalt collapse occurred. In the resulting rift, the locals saw a strange green goo that glows. People immediately remembered the cartoon about ninja turtles.

The Toronto Water community service arrived at the scene to inspect the funnel. She concluded that the incident was a consequence of the collapse of the sewer. To find out if the well is connected to the underlying sewage system, a special green substance was poured into the wastewater. The dye is absolutely non-toxic. Such a bright color is needed to notice even the slightest traces of the substance.

A video surveillance system was used to identify the source of the problem. Repair will begin immediately after finding the source of the failure.

According to the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, green mucus was found in the sewers on four normal turtles, causing serious mutations. Perhaps everyone knows the story of the four creatures. People were reassured that no harm would be done to their health, the substance is part of the normal procedure. People were simultaneously delighted and upset: the chances of seeing the heroes of childhood were already scanty, and now they are reduced to zero. The story is highly discussed on Twitter.


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