Long existence of cyclones on Jupiter explained

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists in the US, Italy and France have proposed an explanation for why cyclones orbiting Jupiter’s poles remain stable for long periods of time.

This is reported in an article published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

The researchers analyzed images from the Juno probe and found that there are multiple cyclones at each of the gas giant’s poles.

At the north pole of the planet, scientists observed eight cyclones, which are equidistant from the central storm system and form an octagon.

It is currently not clear if the cyclones revolve around the center. A cyclone pentagon has been discovered at the south pole.

Models have shown that there is an anticyclonic ring of winds that move in the opposite direction of the rotation of the cyclones, which keeps them in place.

However, the researchers found no signs of convection, which could serve as a source of thermal energy to feed the cyclones.

Further research will be needed to fully explain the behavior of Jupiter’s cyclones, scientists say.


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